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Preventing Cervical Cancer

Three ways to reduce your risk for abnormal cell changes that lead to cervical cancer include:

  1. Have regular Pap test screenings. Your doctor can explain how often you should have this test based on your circumstances. Generally, that recommendation is based on your age and certain things that increase your risk. Click here for the general guidelines.
  2. If you smoke, quit. According to, you’re twice as likely to get cervical cancer if you smoke. And not only does smoking damage DNA in your cervical cells, but it might make your immune system less effective in fighting HPV.
  3. Prevent HPV by getting the vaccine. This vaccine is ideally administered to children at age 11 or 12. However it is available to men and women from age 9 to age 26. Use this decision point to help you decide if your child should get the vaccine. If you still need to get the vaccine, this guide can help you decide!

To learn more about risk factors and prevention, view this detailed list from