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How to be a healthier you in 2016!

We all have good intentions when we set our New Year’s resolutions, however, we may be bound for disappointment right out of the gate.

Lisa Krayer, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Health Coach at Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s Wellspring, says that we are not always the problem, but rather the goal itself. Here are some quick tips on how to get set for success:

Set Specific Measurable Action-based Realistic Time-bound goals or SMART goals. As a Health Coach, Krayer helps people envision the desired end result and set goals to get there. “A lot of people will come to me with really beautiful ambition and I help turn that into SMART goals so that they can be successful,” said Krayer.

Better Together
As a Health Coach, Krayer works to understand what motivates the individual and uses that as a tool to help them reach their goals. The stronger that motivation is, the better. “I see a lot of people who will say they want to be healthier for their family, or more active with their grandchildren and that can be such an effective motivator,” said Krayer. By working together with a Health Coach, you can identify your motivators and use them as tools to help you succeed.

Strong Support
It’s important that you build a support system so that you have someone to help hold you accountable and celebrate your success. “Support may come from a personal trainer at Wellspring, from a committed spouse or a close friend,” said Krayer. “Once you have that support system you want to celebrate your success with them, especially the small steps toward change.” Celebrating the small steps lays the foundation for larger lifestyle changes to be made. After all, you have to lose one pound before you can lose 25!

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