Meet Our Providers

Providers Who Perform Pap & Pelvic Exams

Maribeth Baker, MD


Dr. Baker says she “can be out of bed and at the hospital in three contractions.” She’s a family medicine physician from Prairie Clinic in Sauk City who provides obstetric care for one reason: she loves it. Learn more about Dr. Baker here.

Trevver Buss, MD


Dr. Buss, a family medicine physician from Prairie Clinic, knows that trust is very important in the patient-doctor relationship. “Labor is a vulnerable time for a woman. She needs to know that her doctor can be trusted to make the right decisions at the right time, and have her best interests at heart,” he says. Learn more about Dr. Buss here.

Jeffrey Collins, MD


In his family medicine practice, Dr. Collins has a special interest in preventive health, geriatrics, pediatrics and prenatal care. He takes time to listen to patients’ concerns and make a diagnosis – you won’t feel rushed. Learn more about Dr. Collins here.

Maria Denu, PA-C


Maria works at the River Valley as a primary care physicians assistant. Learn more about Maria here.

David Eberdt, PA-C


David works at the Lodi Clinic and specializes in routine wellness and health maintenance, family medical care, minor office surgeries (including laceration repair and skin lesion removal), casting and management of uncomplicated fractures and other orthopedic problems. Learn more about David here.

Janelle Hupp, MD

Janelle Hupp Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams

Dr. Hupp has been with Sauk Prairie Healthcare since 2004, and as a family medicine physician she specializes in women’s and children’s health, and disease prevention for the entire family. Learn more about Dr. Hupp here.

Steven Johnson, MD

Steven Johnson Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams 

Dr. Johnson is a family medicine physician from Prairie Clinic in Sauk City who specializes in exercise stress training, vasectomy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, sports medicine, family planning, preventive medicine and well child care. Learn more about Dr. Johnson here.

Agnes Kanikula, PA-C

Agnes Kanikula Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams

Agnes works at both Wisconsin Heights Clinic and Plain Clinic in family medicine and preventive health. Learn more about Agnes here.

David Krey, DO

David Krey Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams 

Dr. Krey just recently joined Sauk Prairie Healthcare at the Lodi Clinic. He practices family medicine and non-surgical treatment for sports injuries. Learn more about Dr. Krey here.

Deanna Lord, PA-C

Deanna Lord Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams 

Deanna works at Lodi Clinic practicing primary care, women’s health issues, preventive health and working with families. Learn more about Deanna here.

John McAuliffe, MD

John McAuliffe Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams

Dr. McAuliffe believes “the patient should be in control of his or her healthcare – not the physician.” And his compassion is shown to patients through empowering respect. He practices family medicine including exercise stress training, primary care sports medicine, clinical preventive services, vasectomy and cancer screening. Learn more about Dr. McAuliffe here.

Karen Meng, APNP

Karen Meng Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams 

Karen works at Lodi Clinic in primary care, preventive health, complementary medicine and working with adolescents on health and wellness. Learn more about Karen here.

Todd Schad, MD


Dr. Schad works hard to make sure his patients feel genuinely heard and valued. He has been honing an important skill, “listening from the heart” since he was working as a CNA during his lengthy education in medical school. Learn more about Dr. Schad here.

E. Barclay Shultz, MD

E Barclay Shultz Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams 

Dr. Shultz has been with Sauk Prairie Healthcare since 1991 and in that time has practiced primary care, sports medicine, medical education, tropical medicine, pediatrics and preventive cardiology. Learn more about Dr. Shultz here.

Mark Timmerman, MD

Mark Timmerman Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams

Dr. Timmerman practices both Family Medicine and Sports Medicine at the River Valley Clinic. Dr. Timmerman joined Sauk Prairie Healthcare in 2007 after working in large clinics and hospitals in Madison where he is highly regarded. Learn more about Dr. Timmerman here.

Thomas Varley, MD

Thomas Varley Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams

Not all family medicine physicians train in obstetrics during residency to the extent that Thomas Varley, MD, did. And when you go to a family medicine physician for obstetric care, your baby can have the same doctor from birth through adulthood. Learn more about Dr. Varley here.

Suzanne Welsch, MD

Suzanne Welsch Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams 

Dr. Welsch has an unwavering commitment to patients. Her obstetric services range from preconception to delivery and postpartum care. Learn more about Dr. Welsch here.

Ellen Wermuth, MD

Ellen Wermuth Pap Smear & Pelvic Exams

Dr. Wermuth practices at River Valley Clinic where she takes a team approach with patients and is committed to her patients’ long-term health. Learn more about Dr. Wermuth here.