Meet Our Providers

Providers Who Treat Incontinence

Becki Braund, PT

Becki Braund Treat Incontience

Becki has over 15 years experience as a physical therapist and has a special interest and expertise in the field of women’s health. She will be undergoing further training in the field of pelvic pain and incontinence. Learn more about Becki here.

Peg Faludi, OTR

Peg Faludi Treat Incontience

Peg works at Sauk Prairie Hospital as well as the Wellspring campus on shoulder surgeries, injuries or pain, lymphedema swelling of arms or legs, Functional Capacity Evaluations and work hardening as well as women’s health issues like incontinence training and fibromyalgia. Learn more about Peg here.

Todd Schad, MD


Dr. Schad works hard to make sure his patients feel genuinely heard and valued. He has been honing an important skill, “listening from the heart” since he was working as a CNA during his lengthy education in medical school. Learn more about Dr. Schad here.

Suzanne Welsch, MD

Suzanne Welsch Treat Incontience 

Dr. Welsch has an unwavering commitment to patients. Her obstetric services range from preconception to delivery and postpartum care. Learn more about Dr. Welsch here.