Women’s Health Nurse Navigator

Meet Teresa Dietsch, Our Women’s Health Nurse Navigator

Sauk Prairie Healthcare is pleased to announce an exciting new program in women’s health called Nurse Navigation. The patient support service guides women through various health concerns and connects them with appropriate area resources. One focus is cancer care. Our Women’s Health Nurse Navigator is dedicated to guiding patients with a suspicious or abnormal finding in the breast, through the complex healthcare system to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.

This program is on the cutting edge of healthcare initiatives with:
Untitled-4Emotional support to patients and families as they cope with breast health issues.
Untitled-4Individualized patient and family education about breast disease and diagnosis.
Untitled-4Help women understand and access the care they need for the best possible outcomes.
Untitled-4Guidance through treatment decisions and follow up care.
Untitled-4All of the answers to the patients’ every question.
Untitled-4Resources to eliminate or reduce barriers to care.
Untitled-4One-on-one personal touch.

    Teresa Dietsch, BSN, RN

Teresa Dietsch, Sauk Prairie Healthcare Nurse Navigator